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What do you want to see out of Bucky’s 5th Quarter?

Let’s do a pulse check on what our community would like to see during the offseason.

New Era Pinstripe Bowl - Miami v Wisconsin Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Hello everyone in the B5Q community!

We are now officially in the post-NFL Draft and spring football part of our year, aka our “offseason.”

Make no mistake, we will continue to bring you post-spring ball analysis this week, as you have already seen with our projected depth charts for both the offense and defense. We are in the process of working on Q&As with our SB Nation cousins to break down how particular Wisconsin Badgers could fare with their respective new NFL franchises. Those should start rolling out later this week, pending when the answers come in.

There will likely be tons of recruiting coverage, especially with official visit SZN approaching us in June, and many already are reportedly lined up on the football side of things. Commits, visit analysis, etc.

Of course, Owen and I will continue Bucky's 5th Podcast and bring some of the best analysis, interviews and more via that medium.

After that, we ask you—our amazing community of readers and commenters—what would you like to see out of us until fall camp rolls around?

Do you want us to cover football more with an “important Badgers for 2019” list, as other sites do, and something we did with the basketball team in April in our “Badgers to watch” series? We will likely have position previews, but any other deep dives that should be considered?

Does anything historical pique your interest? Years ago, we published one series on Badgers running backs and their production in the NFL—should that be updated? Any basketball or recruiting analysis?

How about other sports leading up to these summer months? Volleyball previews, track and field, current softball news?

B5Q appreciates everyone that comes into our community to constructively discuss Wisconsin athletics. This is one of the premiere SB Nation college sites, and your friendly and humorous thoughts, criticisms and discussions on Wisconsin-related topics are always welcome.

For those who have ideas, please provide your thoughts in the comments section below. These ideas will also be a good virtual suggestion box for our incoming interim manager, whomever he or she is, to digest and potentially move forward with in the future.

We are extremely excited to hear what coverage you’re craving, and we certainly hope to deliver to you fantastic fans.

Roll Damn Stave,