New Band Director

Maybe some don't care as much as me, a trumpet player who grew up in the Madison area, but the director of the University of Wisconsin Band is kind of a big deal to a lot of fans. especially me. This is the guy who will lead the band which plays our football team onto the field, does a field show at halftime, plays pep at basketball and hockey games and reps with parades and shows all over the place during bowl game season. The director has to replace the great Mike Leckrone, a man who has etched out a legendary career that, unless you're the newest of fans, you are very familiar with. Mike is old, thus why he is retiring, and there may not ever be someone who will be the likes of him, high-energy, a creative showboater, friendly but hard-working and always the expectation of excellence.

My pick for a successor would have been either from in state or at least a graduate of the University of Wisconsin or one of its state system affiliates. It would be someone who understands the history of the position, it's impact on the state and how important it is to fans and alumni. Someone, like Mike, who is high-energy, fit and ready to lead the "best band in the land!"

The powers that be choose this gentleman from the University of Nevada:

He has degrees from Alabama and Texas, two southern schools. Just the mention of them make me, as a Badger fan, start to gag.

My initial reaction is, "what were they thinking?"

So what do you think? Is this a factor or not? Is my gut feeling an overreaction?

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