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Bucky’s 5th Podcast, Ep. 70: The Hausers leaving Marquette?!? Wisconsin spring ball continues

Basketball and football talk galore!

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Jake Kocorowski

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Lots to get to on this second of two episodes this week!

  • Sam Hauser and Joey Hauser transfer from Marquette in a shocking turn of events for in-state collegiate basketball. We discuss how Wisconsin could be a great landing spot, and all the early reports about potential destinations.
  • Spring football continues for the Wisconsin Badgers, and we chat about Garrett Rand’s limited return to action, others coming back from injury, another Leo Chenal interception, Joe Rudolph’s discussion about the offensive line, and more!
  • To end the show, we play the audio from Wisconsin assistant coach Jon Budmayr talking about all four quarterbacks and his view of spring football. Great insight from the former Badger signal caller.