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Bucky’s 5th Podcast, Ep. 59: Former Wisconsin/current Salt Lake Stallions TE Austin Traylor

A chat with the former Badgers tight end!

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Our second of two shows this week. Owen and Jake catch up with former Wisconsin and current Salt Lake Stallions tight end Austin Traylor before this week’s big matchup against the San Diego Fleet (7 p.m. CT, NFL Network). We touch base on the following:

  • His journey to the AAF
  • How different is it to play in the AAF compared to the NFL with some of the updated rules
  • The fan reception to the team in Salt Lake City
  • Will definitely ask about those awesome uniforms and Starter in general
  • His role defined and developed within Dennis Erickson’s offense
  • How often he has been able to watch Wisconsin games since leaving Madison, along with talking with former Badgers like Josh Oglesby (TEs coach for San Antonio), Darius Hillary (IR with Arizona Hotshots) and Nate Time (Personnel Director for the Atlanta Legends)

We also answer your questions to end the show in yet another mailbag segment.

Also, quick apologies for the odd mic sound coming from Jake this week, but that will be fixed for next week’s shows!