Why isn't top in state talent picking the Badgers in basketball?

This is both an old topic and a new topic.

Old: Ellenson goes to Marquette. A top talent decides not to come to Madison.

The Hauser brothers, same.

Those are at least understandable. An instate school that is usually a competitive team.

Diamond Stone: A highly rated recruit, gone. Some say good, but still, he chose elsewhere.

Tyler Herro: Switched last minute. Great talent who decided Madison wasn't the place for him.

Kostas Antetokounmpo 4 stars went to Dayton, sat a year and then produced unspectacularly and got drafted. This is the Greek Freak's little brother. He didn't have many Wisconsin ties so I can see him not feeling loyal to the state.

Terrence Lewis 4 star from Milwaukee who goes to ISU. Hasn't been a difference maker for them so far.

Brevin Pritzl: A four star from in state who came. Helping some.

The future: Wow what a lode of basketball riches this state has in the next few years. But when I look at the player rankings and potential teams, I see other school logos, not ours.

2019 Not a very productive year for the state.

2020 Jalen Johnson. Everything I read is this nationally 3rd ranked kid isn't Madison bound. Duke is the presumed favorite.

2021 2 Five stars Top ranked Patrick Baldwin whom is 100% committed to Duke.

3rd ranked Michael Foster who has no schools listed, so I suppose he's a possible, but he's only a sophomore.

I went through 247 sports player rankings from 2015 to 2021 focusing on top 100 or so players nationally. That's 11 guys listed above, one came to Madison and a couple of really iffy maybe's.

The few uber talented kids that came out of the state when Bo coached he seemed to grab. Butch, Devin Harris, Sam Dekker all came here.

I'm not sure the answer. I can ask the question. Why aren't the kids coming to Madison?

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