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Bucky’s 5th Podcast, Ep. 53: 2019 National Signing Day wrap-up

New, comment’s Jon McNamara helps us make sense of it all!

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Now as a part of the SB Nation Team Brands, be sure to find us on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and pretty much wherever you can listen to podcasts!’s Jon McNamara joins Owen and Jake to help put a bow on the class of 2019. Here is the full breakdown:

  • Where Wisconsin sits nationally in the Rivals network
  • Impressions about two new walk-ons for the 2019 class with WR Cooper Nelson and S Dante Caputo
  • Wisconsin addressing the DL in this class with Rodas Johnson, Gio Paez and Keeanu Benton
  • Out of the mid-year enrollees, which one could have the earliest impact?
  • A look ahead to the 2020 class—thoughts on the six current commits and players to watch moving forward?
  • We addressed the present and future of Wisconsin recruiting, but also wanted to take a look at the class of 2015 (Paul Chryst’s first class) where nine of 19 scholarship signees are no longer with the program.