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Wisconsin football: Rose Bowl coaches opening teleconference

Paul Chryst and Mario Cristobal tried to out-charisma each other via the telephone!

NCAA Football: Big Ten Championship-Ohio State vs Wisconsin Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The No. 8 Wisconsin Badgers (10-3 overall, 7-2 B1G) were rewarded for their body of work this season with a bid to the 106th Rose Bowl Game presented by Northwestern Mutual (::sticks out hand:: money please) to take on the Pac-12 champion No. 6 Oregon Ducks (11-2 overall, 8-1 Pac-12).

We have a quick preview of the game right here and will obviously have much more in the coming weeks about the game including some discussions with our friends at Addicted to Quack.

First, though, we have the opening teleconference from Wisconsin head coach Paul Chryst and Oregon head coach Mario Cristobal to get to. I’ve looked through the transcript and buddy, these guys are definitely football coaches. Let’s see who brought the best cliches to compliment the other team!

The call started off with opening statements from both coaches. Chryst really started off strong saying playing a “really, really good Oregon team” was “everything you hope for and dream for.”

“Well, obviously, truly excited and appreciative of the opportunity. And, you know, what I love about bowl games is there and this team earned the right to play in the Rose Bowl. That’s a big deal. And, you know, they’re a group that’s never been there players-wise. And so that’s an awesome experience for them. And then, obviously, get to play against a really, really good Oregon team. It’s everything you hope for and dream for so I’m really excited and all our players are excited.”

Cristobal went so far as to say that it was “an honor to be on this conference call!” What a power move!

The first question discussed both teams having tough losses throughout the season, presumably talking about Wisconsin’s loss at Illinois and Oregon’s loss at Arizona State. Chryst came out of the gate at full speed.

Yeah, obviously, you know, you want every season to go perfect and win every game, and that seldom happens. And what I appreciate from our group is, one, got a really good upper-class leadership; and, two, they just kind of took from it and -- I don’t want to say lessons learned. They grew a lot but just made an important decision to focus on each game and appreciate it for where it is and then play out the season.

So I think it was -- you know, you end up looking back at it. I don’t want to say it was a good thing to have happen, but I’m proud of the way they took what can be taken from something like that and go forward with it.

Trust me, losing to Illinois was decidedly NOT “a good thing to have happen.”

Cristobal is an avid B1G football fan, apparently, so this game must be a huge honor for him. Even more huge than being on a conference call. When asked whether he caught any of Wisconsin’s game with Ohio State for the B1G title he said:

Without a doubt, every home that we were in was watching the game. A great football game; a hard-fought football game. So I had a chance to watch and certainly watch Wisconsin, not only this year but in year’s past. And talented, physical, disciplined, tough, well-coached football team. And I think the country has seen that for many years. So certainly a tremendous amount of respect for them.

Wisconsin is physical and tough. I’ve never heard a B1G team described that way but it makes a lot of sense.

Again, Cristobal is extremely plugged into the inner workings of the B1G conference and its players. He likes Jonathan Taylor and Tyler Biadasz a lot.

Well, not only two of the best offensive linemen, but just offensive lines in the country. They pride themselves on physicality, certainly strength and conditioning department. And all leads to the success of the running backs. You mentioned Jonathan Taylor who has more rushing touchdowns that anybody in the country at this point and another stellar season in the record books. I’ve had a chance to watch him and extremely impressed with the entire operation.

Biadasz is up for the Outland Trophy against Oregon’s Penei Sewell, so there should be a lot of o-line porn for our Owen Riese to freak out about.

Chryst was up late on Saturday night pondering bowl scenarios, much like the rest of us I’d imagine!

Yeah. I mean, obviously, you’re wondering -- it’s late at night thinking about what was going to happen next. And, you know, we’re thrilled with the call. I just landed and found out that we’re playing in the Rose Bowl and playing against Oregon. You know, that’s a big deal. But last night we still kind of -- the game ended late. And so it wasn’t until today at noon as we traveled until we’d know. But we’re excited. And there’s a lot of work to be done to get ready for it. But it’s a great opportunity.

Physical. Physicality. Toughness. Sorry, I blacked out a little. The next question for Chryst was about physical play.

Yeah, I think when you have a chance to play in a game such as this, you know, the Rose Bowl, you’re going to face a really good football team, and very good football teams are a big part of this. They are physical in their offense, their defensive line. And I think that each team has got to earn the right to be called physical, right? And just because you put the helmet on doesn’t mean you are. But I like the group’s approach that we’ve had this year, both offensively and defensively. And we know we’re going to be tested, and we know if we’re going to trust to play well, you know, both lines have to be physical and have to play well. But that’s easier said than done when you go up against a good football team like Oregon.

Very good football teams ARE a big part of this, coach Chryst.

Apparently Chryst isn’t as big a Pac-12 fan as Cristobal is a B1G fan. A little embarrassing tbqh.

I was able to watch some of it, and at that time it’s enjoyable to watch good football. And, you know, you’re -- you’re not -- at the time I didn’t try to study it or look at it but, obviously, a fan of college football. And you know about Justin and you know about the explosiveness. And it was a good football team, and it was impressive. I saw earlier than late in the game and looking forward to watching all the tape and studying them. But they’re in the Rose Bowl for a reason. They’re a heck of a football team, and it will be a good challenge for us.

Yeah, the reason they’re in the Rose Bowl is they won the Pac-12. Man, Chryst doesn’t know ANYTHING about the Pac-12.

Chryst, who coached at Oregon State on two separate occasions, had this word salad/nonsense answer when asked about his time in Corvallis and the Civil War rivalry between Oregon and Oregon State.

One, that’s a great rivalry game and, obviously, been impressed with what Oregon has done really throughout the year. Different coaches, different players. But they’ve been playing at a high level. And I appreciate the time that I got to spend out there and playing with Oregon State. The last time I coached in the Rose Bowl was against Oregon. So, obviously, they’ve done a great job and continue to do that. My respects.

What is he even talking about?!? I’m going to start ending all of my posts here with “my respects.”

Here are some quick reactions from players upon finding out they’ll be going to the Rose Bowl. I wish all Paul Chryst press conferences were replaced with Chris Orr talking about, well, whatever he wants.

So, that ends our recap of the opening teleconference for Oregon and Wisconsin, the two teams who are playing in the Rose Bowl which is a great honor for both. My respects.