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Wisconsin football: Rose Bowl notebook, part four

Our fourth installment of the goings on in Pasadena leading up to the Granddaddy of them All.

@B5QPhotos; Matt Fleming

Your B1G West division champion No. 8 Wisconsin Badgers (10-3 overall, 7-2 B1G) have been out in California for a few days now getting prepared to do battle with the Pac-12 Champion No. 6 Oregon Ducks (11-2 overall, 8-1 Pac-12) on New Year’s Day.

Here are some updates from the last few days on the Badgers as they have started taking in all the festivities and practices that surround The Granddaddy of Them All.

  • I think it’s both hilarious and a missed opportunity to do something cool that the Badgers are just wearing their regular road uniforms in the Rose Bowl against a team that has new uniforms every week.
  • Oregon clearly has issues with keeping their head in the game. I think Wisconsin can take advantage of this.
  • Ahhhhh, the good ol’ days when the Badgers would win a Rose Bowl or three. Let’s start this new decade off with a bang, huh?
  • Building floats is hard. I “helped” put together a few floats for my fraternity and the Homecoming parade and it suuuuuuuuuuucked. I can’t imagine doing a real, professional one.
  • I wonder how many dozens of roses are needed for Rose Bowl week? In my house we’ve already bought one dozen so I’d have to assume that at least five dozen have been used in official promotional photos.
  • These are such cool photos.
  • Happy birthday Zack Baun!
  • Chris Orr is ready to go after leaving the B1G Championship game with an injury.
  • Speaking of injuries: it sounds like Jack Coan was battling some all year. It’s crazy how effective he was despite not being 100%.
  • I didn’t know that Jack Sanborn’s father played football at Oregon. It’s a shame he won’t get to see his son play his alma mater in the Rose Bowl.
  • Mickey Turner is excited about his incoming class of tight ends. Between Cam Large, Cole Dakovich, Clay Cundiff and Hayden Rucci, Turner should have a nice group to mold into the next great set of Badgers tight ends.
  • The Badgers had their pep rally at LA Live on Tuesday as well.
  • The most popular man (large Badger?) at LA Live.
  • That’s why he’s The Don.
  • It takes one amazing running back to know another one. Do you ever stop and think about how lucky Wisconsin has been at the running back position over the past decade?
  • Orr really can do it all. This guy is a complete player.
  • HAVE YOU EVEN SEEN CHASE WOLF DANCE?!? Oregon is in trouble if this is the best they got.