Rose Bowl Attendees Unite!

Hey all, doesn't look like there's liable to be any sort of official B5Q meet up. I blame Drew, he should be out here to arrange everything in person. it's not like he has a couple young kids to look after at home or anything.

::drstre leans off to the side, nods as someone whispers into his ear, eyes widen a bit in surprise::

I am told that Drew actually has two small children to look after at home, so...I guess that's that. At any rate, in lieu of an official meetup location, I'm thinking we just use this space to let each other know where we're at on Wednesday if anyone is interested in meeting up.

I'll be at the Badger Huddle, though I believe I'll be able to come and go as I please. If people are interested in putting faces with (user)names, let's use the comments on this fanpost to let people know where we're at. Just visit this post on game day and leave a note.

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