Badger Basketball Team Upgrades

Got a nice win at Tennessee today, first win on the road. This was a great step in the right direction for this team.

I'm bringing this post I made from that game thread over here for further consideration. At the expense of sounding like the coaches and players even look at what we post here, it just feels like they have been.

What Excites Me the Most

The Badgers doing things I’ve been asking for on this site for a couple weeks.

1. Pushing the ball in Transition.
Kellog made the observation that they "won’t try and fast break assertively but they are doing it opportunistically."

2. Stepping back further on the three ball.
They have been missing a lot of threes where they are contested ones right at the line.
A better shot is to step back a few feet and get an uncontested look from 24 or 25 feet. Tryce, Pritzl and Davison all hit shots from that distance in this game. And what player doesn't want some practice from NBA range? I'd like to see more of our guys ready for the three at the next level.

3. Throw out a press once a game.
The badgers hadn’t put a full court press out for 5+ years when ahead in a game.
Today, before the half THEY THREW OUT A PRESS!
Unheard of.
The press was broken for a basket but the badgers got the ball back quickly and got that buzzer beater right before the half ended. I think the press gets your energy up and that’s what seemed to happen there. Clark Kellog couldn’t believe his eyes "Badgers with a little wrinkle here….!"

I'd love to hear what else you think the Badgers can do to be better.

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