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Wisconsin athletics: rankings roundup 12/2

There’s a new No. 1 in women’s hockey! I’ll give you one guess as to who it is.

UW Athletic Department; @BadgerWHockey

Monday is a big rankings release day around the NCAA and instead of having three separate posts that you probably won’t click on, we are putting them all into one handy post that you will click on because we care about your time wasting at work. Gotta be efficient when wasting time.

Women’s hockey

Oh, hello!

After a sweep of Boston College and Harvard in Nashville, the Badgers overtook the Gophers for the No. 1 spot in this week’s poll. Minnesota was able to beat Harvard but they only tied BC which is probably why Wisconsin gained a bunch of first place votes.

Men’s hockey

The Badgers split their weekend series with Michigan and, despite having a losing record, managed to stay ranked by the skin of their teeth at No. 19.

The rest of the B1G in the rankings are much closer to the top: Penn State is No. 6, Ohio State is No. 7 and Notre Dame is No. 9. The Badgers have one more series (against Michigan State) before they go on winter break. A sweep would really give the team something to build on heading into the second half of the season.


The final regular season AVCA rankings came out and the B1G Champion Badgers finished at No. 5.

Per usual, the B1G teams were clustered together in the top-ten. Nebraska is No. 6, Minnesota is No. 7 and Penn State is No. 8. Purdue clocked in at No. 14 and Michigan ended the season at No. 22. Illinois, who started the season highly ranked and recently fell out of the rankings was still able to make the NCAA Tournament.

We all know what the more important rankings said about the Badgers, though.

Men’s basketball

It has not exactly been a good last week for the Badgers. They traveled to Brooklyn for a fun Thanksgiving weekend and tournament and then...lost to Richmond and New Mexico and everyone shouted a bunch online. Needless to say, UW is no longer receiving votes in either poll.

In B1G news, Maryland is No. 3, previously unranked Michigan is No. 4 (!!!!), Ohio State is No. 6, Michigan State is No. 11 and Purdue, Indiana and Penn State are all receiving votes.

Louisville is the new No. 1 team in the country, which makes them the fourth different top ranked team in the nation this year. MAYBE EVERYONE SUCKS THIS YEAR?!?

Women’s basketball

The Badgers traveled to the Bahamas for a holiday tournament of their own, beating Ball State by 11 and losing to Arkansas by a mere four points. They now sit at 5-2 on the year but still aren’t ranked in the AP Poll.

At the top of the poll there was a reshuffling because Oregon (formerly No. 1) and Baylor (formerly No. 2) both lost which opened the door for the Stanford Cardinal to move into the top spot.