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In tweets: Wisconsin boat races Minnesota

What did the internet have to say about the Badgers winning the B1G West?

@B5QPhotos; Matt Fleming

Twitter is a terrible and awful place filled with the worst people in the world. It is also an excellent place to find reactions to college football games! The Wisconsin Badgers blew the Minnesota Golden Gophers out of the water on Saturday afternoon, 38-17, and won Paul Bunyan’s Axe and the B1G West division title.

It was a pretty sweet, and honestly kind of unexpected, outcome that ended the past year of Gophers fans chatting shit online. What did the fine people of Twitter dot com have to say about the game? Hoo boy...was it a lot.

  • ESPN’s College GameDay was in Minneapolis for the first (and most likely last) time ever and Gophers fans were frothing at the mouth from the get go.
  • Note the time stamp on this tweet, lol.
  • Luckily, Jonathan Taylor had everyone on Wisconsin’s sideline locked in before kickoff.
  • The Coward Currently Known As P.J. Fleck was thoroughly out-coached by Coach Dad and fourth down was only one of the facets of the game that the Badgers won.
  • This is the sort of stuff that Wisconsin fans were hoping Paul Chryst and co. were “saving for the right moment.” What a wonderfully called game by Chryst and Joe Rudolph.
  • Again, the Badgers coaching staff put Fleck into a large trash bag and hucked him into a dumpster on Saturday.
  • Sometimes you just gotta dance. One of those times is definitely when you are whupping that ass in a rivalry game.
  • Personally, I only want good and amazing things to come to Jonathan Taylor. This is a good and amazing picture from Jake aka Better Drew.
  • I enjoyed how much former Badgers were fired up before, during and after the game. They wanted the Axe back just as much as the current players did.
  • Amanda winning family bragging rights again!

UPDATE Sunday: Just to be clear, both of the Kessels (Amanda and her brother Phil) went to Minnesota.

  • Great at football AND great at shopping deals! WHAT CAN’T THESE BADGERS DO?!?
  • TSA lets you bring this on the plane?????
  • I mean...I’m not wrong.
  • Gopher fans aren’t mad, this is actually funny to them.
  • Anyways, P.J. Fleck sucks and so do the Gophers!