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Wisconsin football Monday presser: Iowa Week

See what Coach Chryst had to say about this week’s huge match up.

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Illinois Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

The bye week felt like an eternity but all is right in the world with Wisconsin Badgers football back this week. It was a much needed break for both the players and fans as both sides can reset and get ready for a run at the Big Ten West title which is very much alive and well for Wisconsin.

The presser opened as usual with the latest depth chart and injury charts for this week. There weren’t really a ton of changes for this week, but you can find the latest report here.

Coach Chryst opened the presser by talking about Iowa’s Nate Stanley and what he’s been able to do since taking over as quarterback at Iowa.

“Nate’s a heck of a player. Enjoyed getting to know him and his family. He competes and is obviously really talented... he’s got good weapons around him and uses it well... he gets football... the way he competes and his toughness, he’s a really good player.”

Chryst then talked about Iowa’s defense and how they will match up against their solid front

“Each week is different. Anytime you’re playing in the Big Ten you’re going to face really good players. You’ve got individual’s who you know about and get to know over time... if you go back and watch last year’s tape you know a lot of those guys and have some familiarity with it. They’re getting a lot of production out of a lot of different guys.”

Chryst then reflected on how the bye week helps and what he’s seeing from the offense after the last two weeks where they’ve struggled.

“There’s no question thats one of the things I enjoy about the bye week with the chance to go back and watch it and maybe you’re watching it with different eyes too and figuring whats the bigger picture. You can break it down a few different ways to figure out how we can get better... another part is are we doing too much or not doing enough, you try to assess that. There’s been a couple games where we haven’t been able to run the football. We all gotta own it.”

Lastly Chryst talked about the bye week and how that may have refreshed the team now given the goals that are still in front of them.

“I think that anytime you get a change in the schedule there’s a chance to pause...(to) Take a look at where you’ve been and the lessons you can learn and how you can apply it going forward and to get guy’s healthy. To take advantage of the bye week you have to do that.”

As always, wise words from coach Chryst. It appears that the team is rested and refocused on the goals still in front of them for 2019. It’s apparent they have a sour taste in their mouth after having to sit on two losses for an extra week, but it will only make the team hungrier as the week goes on.

Here is his full press conference: