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Badgers hold at No. 17 in latest FanPulse Poll

See where the other teams stacked up this week!

(Editor’s note: sorry for the delay on this post. There was some confusion with the FanPulse email and we didn’t get the data until Wednesday morning.)

Wisconsin escaped Lincoln last Saturday with a win which was good enough to keep them at No. 17 in the eyes of the fans. SB Nation’s FanPulse Poll had the Badgers at 17, but many other publications see the Badgers a lot higher. The College Football Playoff Committee ranked Wisconsin at No. 12, as did Badger fans polled in this week’s FanPulse release.

Once again the rankings were littered with Big Ten teams from around the conference. Ohio State, of course, led the way at No. 2 and will square off in their biggest two games of the season in these last two weeks as the take on No. 9 Penn State this Saturday and No. 19 Michigan in their final regular season match up.

Out west, the Big Ten was still well represented as Minnesota ranked No. 13 nationally, while Iowa jumped back into the Top-25 after their upset win over the Gophers a week ago.

In addition to the rankings there were a few questions posed for those of you who signed up for the FanPulse polling. The first of which was a discussion on the College Football Playoff as the race heats up.

When asked who is most likely to make the playoff fans had a very interesting vote result. Georgia led the way with 30% of the vote, but the Oregon Ducks were not much further behind at 29.7%. Oklahoma came in third with 17.5% of the vote, and everyone’s favorite Alabama came in fourth with 15% of the vote. I personally think Utah will take the fourth spot, but the Utes received just 6.9% of the vote.

Along with the playoff discussion, fans were also polled on their confidence in both the football and basketball programs so far this season. It appears the Badger fans are back on board with the football program as confidence has climbed 20% since the loss to Ohio State last month.

On the basketball side, fans appear to be all over the place as last week the confidence sat at just 57%, but now currently sits at 85%. It appears that beating your in state rival in blowout fashion is a good thing!

With bowl and basketball season about to get in full swing, it’s not too late to sign up for the FanPulse Poll. Sign up today and make your voice heard as we hit the home stretch!