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Wisconsin football Monday presser: Purdue Week

Hear what Coach Chryst had to say as the team turns the page to Purdue

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Wisconsin went on the road this past Saturday and picked up a solid win against the Cornhuskers in the race for the West division crown. Over the years, Wisconsin has had a lot of success over the Huskers, but not nearly as much as they have had against Purdue. The Badgers come in winners of 12 straight over the Boilermakers. Here’s what coach Chryst had to say as the team looks to make it 13 straight.

This week is senior week for the Badgers as the strong class of 2019 prepares for their final game in Camp Randall. Two of those seniors are Chris Orr and Zack Baun, two guys that have made a huge impact on the team this year. When asked about their progress Chryst had this to say.

“I think they’ve both had a huge impact on this time. I’ve appreciated how their Senior year they really turned the switch on. They both but everything they have into every moment...obviously they have led and impacted this team on the field, but off the field they’ve been every bit as valuable to this team. They’re having a blast with this group and it’s fun to see.”

After that coach Chryst talked about the spread offense, and what the Badgers will be seeing from Purdue and head coach Jeff Brohm’s attack.

“It is very creative, but I love and respect what you see from them, the fundamentals. It makes you defend a lot of the field and have different things off of the base play. It’s really well designed and they’re executing it. They’ve done a great job on how he uses the personnel... its a different offense to defend so it’s important to have a good week of preparation.”

Later on, coach Chryst talked about Jonathan Taylor’s NFL decision and career and if it has changed him in any way on or off the field.

“I don’t know, we’ve had conversations and talked about it before the season and kinda made the decision to play this season. Certainly he’s smart and he knows. They way he’s handled it, I don’t think its negatively impacted him. He knows whats there in front of him, but that’s what I've been impressed with. When you go to practice or go to a meeting he’s truly in the moment. That’s a gift and I think that speaks to his maturity and his care for this group. I can’t speak for him but I’ve loved the way he’s handled himself.”

Lastly, coach Chryst talked about the final game for a large and impactful group of seniors (and possibly Jonathan Taylor) playing in their last game at Camp Randall.

“I think that there’s no doubt that they love and appreciate their journey and playing here and when it is your last time in that stadium I think it’s significant. God willing, we’re still going to be with each other and still have games to play. It’s more so a moment... it can be a moment for the families and the fans... the best way to enjoy it is by playing your best football. You want to appreciate the opportunities because nothing is guaranteed, but it is still about the game. What they’ll remember and appreciate most is that they played well.”

Overall, coach Chryst seemed relatively calm and collected (as always) given the big moments ahead of them. Each game at this point is huge, and it really has been for some time. Despite Senior Day, Battle for the Axe, a possible Big Ten Title appearance and a possible Rose Bowl ahead of them the group seems collected and focused on this week and making the most of the opportunity ahead of them this time around.

And here are a couple of quotes from Purdue’s press conference today.