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GAME THREAD: Wisconsin vs. Kent State

Final non-conference game for the Badgers LET’S GOOOOOOOO!

@B5QPhoto; Matt Fleming

The No. 8 Wisconsin Badgers are undefeated a quarter of the way through the 2019 season. A game against MAC bottom-dweller Kent State is just the sort of tune-up they need before really getting into the meat of their B1G schedule.

The Golden Flashes play with a lot of pace of offense, meaning their defense is often on the field for a good portion of the game, which probably contributes to the fact that they have the worst rushing defense in the whole country.

The methodical, mauling style of the Badgers offensive line will probably have Kent State worn down by halftime, especially since KSU only has one defensive lineman that weighs over 300 pounds (and he is a true freshman). Yikes.

Your weekly uniform related content.

Your weekly Rich Eisen’s tears content.

Here are the staff predictions for the game:

Bob: 48-7, Wisconsin

Ryan: 42-7, Wisconsin

Tyler: 49-7, Wisconsin

Owen: 55-3, Wisconsin

Belz: 48-10, Wisconsin

Neal: 42-10, Wisconsin

Rock: 54-6, Wisconsin

Drew: 50-7, Wisconsin

Kevin: 42-3, Wisconsin

There was a real Price is Right situation between Bob, Tyler and Drew. Let’s see who is going to The Showcase!

Welp, yet again, that’s a clean sweep for the Badgers. What are your predictions for the game? How many rushing yards does Jonathan Taylor have? How many rushing yards does Nakia Watson have? Is the Kent State mascot’s Twitter account the most cringe-inducing one on that entire hell site? Let us know in the comments.

I always prefer my mascots to be HORNY AS HELL online.