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Wisconsin football: Badgers move up again in both polls

Following another dominant performance Wisconsin is now No. 6 in the AP and No. 6 in the Coaches Poll.

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@B5QPhotos; Matt Fleming

The Wisconsin Badgers (6-0 overall, 3-0 B1G) dispatched the overmatched Michigan State Spartans (4-3 overall, 2-2 B1G) 38-0 on Saturday and were rewarded in both polls released on Sunday.

Two teams in the Quality Loss Confer, I mean the SEC, who were previously ranked ahead of the Badgers fell on Saturday and now Wisconsin is No. 6 in the AP Poll AND No. 6 in the Coaches Poll.

Lets take a look at how the rest of the top-25 looks after a fun Week 7 across the country and the conference.

The B1G

As has been the case basically for the last decade, Ohio State is the highest ranked B1G team in the nation. They are ranked No. 4 in the Coaches Poll and No. 4 in the AP Poll. The Badgers and the Penn State Nittany Lions, ranked No. 7 in both polls, are hot on their heels, however, rounding out the top-seven in the Coaches Poll and the AP Poll.

Michigan stayed put at No. 16 in both polls and the undefeated Minnesota Golden Gophers ::puuuuuuke:: moved into the top-20 of the Coaches Poll and entered the AP Poll at No. 20 for the first time this season.

Despite losing at home, Iowa remained in both polls, but did fall to No. 22 in the Coaches Poll and No. 23 in the AP Poll

Nationwide musings

  • LSU has replaced Georgia as the “Second SEC Team in the CFP Discussion du jour”, moving up to No. 3 in the Coaches Poll and No. 2 in the AP Poll. The Bayou Bengals still have titanic match ups with Auburn and Alabama on the schedule, but they are looking pretty good so far.
  • Those very some Georgia Bulldogs plummeted to No. 10 in the Coaches Poll and No. 10 in the AP Poll. If you can’t beat South Carolina at home you can’t be in the CFP, those are the rules.
  • Everyone made fun of Arizona State for hiring Herm Edwards. The Sun Devils are now 5-1 and ranked No. 17 in the Coaches Poll and No. 17 in the AP. I’m sorry, Herm. Forks up.
  • All sorts of crazy teams are ranked this week with Temple, in the Coaches Poll, and App. State, in both polls, joining the fun!
  • The SEC has five teams ranked in the Coaches Poll while the B1G now has the lead with six teams!


AP Top-25: No. 20 Minnesota; No. 22 Missouri; No. 24 Appalachian State; No. 25 Washington

Coaches Poll: No. 21 Cincinnati; No. 23 Washington; No. 24 Appalachian State; No. 25 Temple

Drop outs

AP Top-25: No. 19 Wake Forest; No. 20 Virginia; No. 23 Memphis; No. 24 Texas A&M

Coaches Poll: No. 17 Wake Forest; No. 19 Virginia; No. 20 Memphis; No. 21 Texas A&M