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GAME THREAD: Wisconsin vs. Michigan State

Homecoming game for the Badgers LET’S GOOOOOOOO!

@B5QPhotos; Matt Fleming

The No. 8 Wisconsin Badgers (5-0 overall, 2-0 B1G) will kick off with the Michigan State Spartans (4-2 overall, 1-1 B1G) this afternoon at Camp Randall Stadium. The Spartans got worked over pretty good by Ohio State last weekend, but just about every team in the country could be subbed for them on that one. MSU will be looking for a bounce-back win against their second straight top-10 opponent, while Wisconsin will be attempting to start off 6-0 for the sixth time in the last century.

MSU plays the same style of football that you remember. Their defense is tough and gives no quarter while their offense is...really hit or miss. WR Darrell Stewart should be high on your list of people to be concerned about as he already has 41 catches for 624 yards (15.2 avg.) and 4 TDs on the season.

This should be a low-scoring, painful, slog that you’re going to hate yourself for watching...but that’s just the fun of playing Michigan State! The Spartans have byes in two of their next three weeks after this game, so expect them to leave everything out there on the field.

I have to say that the social media folks for the Badgers do a really good job. I was looking at the Spartan’s Twitter and they barely did anything all week. Then they barf up this lame graphic with a killer hashtag?

Speaking of terrible Twitter accounts. Can we talk about how the B1G Football account says that Jonathan Taylor is an “FBS student” and not an “FBS player.” LMAOOOOOO. How disingenuous can you be? Sure, Taylor is smart and a good student but there is a 0% chance that the NCAA or the B1G Conference thinks of him that way first.

Here are the staff predictions for the game:

Bob: 14-13, Wisconsin

Ryan: 27-10, Wisconsin

Tyler: 20-10, Wisconsin

Owen: 24-13, Wisconsin

Belz: 27-13, Wisconsin

Neal: 24-10, Wisconsin

Rock: 31-10, Wisconsin

Drew: 24-14, Wisconsin

Kevin: 21-17, Wisconsin

Welp, I don’t think we’ve had anyone pick Wisconsin’s opponent all year...which would also leave all of us tied for first place at 5-0 in this season’s picks. SMARTEST BLOG ON THE INTERNET, BABYYYY!

While you’re cheering on the Badgers today, don’t forget about Madison’s other football team. Forward Madison FC made the playoffs in their first year of existence and they take on North Texas Soccer Club at 7 p.m. UP THE ‘GOS!