Throw it away, we don't need it...really?

As it is the case against Bucky Badger basketball, the team is fielding just 2 players on the court; Happ and Davison. The other 3 humans combined are holding the team hostage. It is becoming very clear the guard position for the Badgers is seriously lacking in talent and numbers. Trice has done nothing to help the team...sure he make a 3 pointer to tie the game but where was he before that? Missing a sure 3 pointer, all alone, from the right wing was typical. Turn overs and weakness driving the paint are real problems. Then there is this bunch of non-producers: Pritzl, King, Ford, Iverson, King should just transfer to some junior college for all he's worth. Pritzl was...I mean WAS...a great player from De Pere but is scared to shoot as was apparent when he caused a turnover passing off to Happ. Nuff, said.

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