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This Week in Badgers Takes

Iowa brings the noise.


Take \’tak\ (noun): a strong opinion, frequently wrong to a hilarious degree, designed primary to elicit a visceral response in the listener and to boost social media traffic.

Hop in. We’re going on a brief tour of this week’s hot Wisconsin takes...

Dennis Dodd at CBS Sports calls Wisconsin the best team without a national title.

  • Heat Index: Rye toast (toaster setting on “3”)
  • Assessment: I mean, he ain’t wrong. Dodd breaks down Wisconsin’s success since the Barry Alvarez years and the national attention it has received this year. Crispy, but delicious.

Kirk Ferentz calls David Montgomery the best running back Iowa will see all year.

  • Heat Index:
  • Assessment: From nearly any other coach in the Big Ten, these would be fighting words (imagine the nuclear fallout if P.J. Fleck had uttered them).

In this case, however, Ol’ Man Ferentz almost assuredly forgot the existence of Jonathan Taylor and, most likely, the entire University of Wisconsin football program. It’s Cy-Hawk rivalry week in the Hawkeye state and he was just being his polite, granite-jawed self.

Still, this was straight fire from Iowa’s lifetime appointee and one can’t help but guess that it may find its way onto the Badgers’ bulletin board in a few weeks.