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No. 2 Wisconsin women’s hockey sweeps Lindenwood

Olympian Emily Clark leads Badgers with three goals in the series.

Wisconsin’s 2018–19 season opened up against Lindenwood in LaBahn Arena this past weekend. The fans in attendance were treated to a dumbfounding mistake, a head-scratching win, and a classic Wisconsin thrashing.

Game 1: Wisconsin 3, Lindenwood 2

It was a concerning start to the season for Bucky. Per usual, they dominated shots on goal, this time to a whopping 46–8 advantage.

However, Wisconsin seemed out of sync just enough to miss the mark on several golden scoring opportunities, allowing the Lions to hang into the game.

Midway through the first period, Lindenwood found themselves on a 2–1 breakaway and Hannah Alt beat Badger goalie Kristen Campbell blocker-side to give Lindenwood a 1–0 lead.

As the first period drew to a close, freshman Sophie Shirley tallied her first goal of the season to tie things up.

As Wisconsin was getting back into a groove, the most baffling play in Wisconsin hockey history occurred.

Lindenwood was called for a penalty, and Campbell vacated the goal on the delayed penalty call. (This gives Wisconsin a 6–5 advantage before the power play goes into effect, and there is “no risk” since the play is called dead on a turnover.)

Well, Wisconsin learned that “no risk” is not exactly true.

After a mishap on the offensive zone, the puck got away and crawled down the ice into Wisconsin’s empty net, giving Lindenwood an impossible 2–1 lead.

After that, Wisconsin pulled it together, adding a pair of goals by Emily Clark and Delaney Drake. The Badgers would hold onto a 3–2 season-opening win.

Game 2: Wisconsin 6, Lindenwood 0

Shots on goal were quite similar for Wisconsin’s second game against Lindenwood, as they edged the Lions 45–8.

This time, shots IN goal were quite a bit better for Mark Johnson’s crew.

Clark scored a pair of goals to put her season tally at three. Sam Cogan, Alexis Maurmann, Presley Norby, and Mekenzie Steffen each scored goals as well.

Game two was quite a bit cleaner than game one.

“I mean, from the first game of the season, you can’t expect too much and you definitely can’t expect perfection, but I think we just kept it more simple today and stuck to our systems and it paid off,” Clark said.

With the talent on this roster, keeping it simple seems to be the right move.