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This Week in Badgers Takes

Hardcore fan edition.

UW Athletic Dept Communications

Take \’tak\ (noun): a strong opinion, frequently wrong to a hilarious degree, designed primary to elicit a visceral response in the listener and to boost social media traffic.

Ooh man, Bob Wiedenhoeft called it.

In keeping with annual tradition, No. 6 Wisconsin struggled with early mistakes against a heavy underdog. This year’s culprit, New Mexico, jumped up early on the Badgers before Wisconsin righted the ship. The home team went on to blow the doors off of the Lobos 45–14 with several players setting career highs.

Because we cannot have nice things, #takes started to fly early and often from the fan base at Camp Randall, conveniently within earshot of our dear friend Mr. Wiendenhoeft, who was kind enough to live-tweet the whole mess for our amusement.

Here’s the best of the bunch.

  • Heat Index: Ice water.
  • Assessment: Given the 11:15 a.m. time stamp, consider it a clear-eyed observation of the facts at hand.
  • Heat Index: Warm glass of milk.
  • Assessment: After the first drive, we were all feeling a bit down. Seems a tad extreme, however, for someone who presumably paid for tickets to the game they were approximately nine or so minutes into watching.
  • Heat Index: Cersei Lannister.
  • Assessment:
  • Heat Index: Giant, flaming rage monster.
  • Assessment: First, I am happy to report Bob’s battery was a bounty of electronic loaves and fishes as his device miraculously lasted well into the second half. As far as the rage take goes, I fear that some Badgers fans are creeping into little-brother territory when it comes to THE Ohio State University. See, for example:
  • Heat Index: Buckeyes roasting on an open fire.
  • Assessment: In full disclosure, (1) I, too, had to look up “who’s 17?” (it’s Jack Coan AND Andrew Van Ginkel, neat) and (2) my kid brother went to Ohio State, so I (deeply, painfully, oh, so painfully) understand the frustration with recent losses to our B1G brethren to the east. But let’s not get a complex, shall we?
  • Heat Index:
  • Assessment: There ain’t no take like a flaming hot quarterback take.

Consider this. Alex Hornibrook has been the top-rated QB in the Big Ten two straight weeks. He was the 2017 Orange Bowl MVP. For my money, he is at worst an above-average college quarterback who could be really good with the weapons at his disposal.

It will never, ever, be good enough for approximately 16.7 percent of the fan base.