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How Badgers in the NFL fared during Week 1

Or: How the Packers regret not having T.J. Watt

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to several roster moves, it’s quite a bit easier to compile a list of Badgers in the NFL. You’ve probably heard about one standout performance, but there was general competence across the board. Here is how they fared in Week 1.


  • Leon Jacobs (Jaguars): Jacobs made two tackles, including one solo tackle, in a 20–15 win over the Giants. However, he was injured in the game and is questionable for week 2.
  • Nick Nelson (Raiders): Inactive in Week 1, but has lofty expectations.
  • Jack Cichy (Buccaneers): Cichy recorded a pair of solo tackles in a 48–40 victory over the Saints.


  • T.J. Watt (Steelers): Yeah, Watt had a good day. And those of you who are also Packers fans are probably regretting that Green Bay didn’t do enough to make sure he continued his career in Wisconsin. Watt recorded FOUR sacks.
  • Corey Clement (Eagles): Clement had a pretty decent game in the season opener, taking five carries for 26 yards. Most of his yards came on a huge third-down conversion that was one broken tackle away from a 35+ yard touchdown.


  • Travis Frederick (Cowboys): It’s been a rough road for Frederick, who is battling an auto-immune disease. It’s unclear if he’s going to play again.
  • Joe Schobert (Browns): Another former Badger linebacker is continuing his NFL success. He had eight tackles and a huge interception that helped the Browns not lose in overtime. Wait, it was a fumble recovery officially? Okay, then.
  • Melvin Gordon (Chargers): Considering Gordon didn’t have a touchdown, it was a great stat day for him. He had 64 yards on 15 carries, which is okay, but he had nine catches for 102 yards in a 38–28 loss to Kansas City.
  • James White (Patriots): White scored a receiving touchdown; what’s new? He totaled 56 yards including that touchdown.
  • Russell Wilson (Seahawks): Wilson’s having a tough time behind one of the weaker offensive lines in the NFL. He put up 298 yards and a 57.6 percent completion rate in the Seahawks’ 27–24 loss to the Broncos. The good news was three touchdowns, but the bad news was two picks and minimal rushing yards.
  • Lance Kendricks (Packers): Caught one pass for 13 yards in that crazy win over the Bears.
  • J.J. Watt (Texans): Came nowhere near matching the production of his brother, as he recorded three tackles in a 27–20 loss to the Patriots.

Updated to include Schobert’s performance, which was initially omitted by mistake.