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Wisconsin WR Danny Davis returns to depth chart after suspension

The Badgers also released their preliminary Week 3 injury report on Monday.

The No. 6 Wisconsin Badgers released their Week 3 depth chart on Monday, with sophomore wide receiver Danny Davis listed as one of two second-team wide receivers, replacing redshirt sophomore Adam Krumholz.

Davis served a two-game suspension that was administered by UW before the season after he was mentioned in a criminal complaint stemming from an April 22 incident. Junior wide receiver Quintez Cephus is still suspended from the team as he faces two felony charges of sexual assault.

Asked during his weekly press conference on Monday, head coach Paul Chryst said Davis will be eligible to play on Saturday against BYU (2:30 p.m. CT, ABC).

“As far as Danny, his suspension is served and he’ll be ready to go,” Chryst said.

Chryst added that Davis’s return adds a couple of elements to Wisconsin’s offense.

“I think that it’s one more player that’s played,” Chryst said. “Danny’s still young. He’s starting his second season, but I think that he’s a guy that’s played in games before and made plays, so I think that he gives you some depth. Certainly, he’s different than any of the receivers we’re playing with right now, so he gives you depth and a little bit of a different skill set.”

Injury report

The Badgers also released their preliminary Week 3 injury report on Monday.

Among those added to the list for BYU after Saturday’s win over New Mexico are outside linebacker Tyler Johnson (questionable, left leg) and inside linebacker Griffin Grady (out, right leg). Chryst mentioned in his press conference that Grady’s injury was not as bad as initially expected.

True freshman safety Reggie Pearson, previously listed in the two-deep, remains questionable after missing the first two games with a left leg injury.

Tight end Luke Benzschawel (right leg) and inside linebacker Mike Maskalunas (right leg) remain out.

Here’s the full report:


  • OLB Tyler Johnson (left leg)
  • S Reggie Pearson (left leg)
  • K P.J. Rosowski (right leg)

Out for Saturday

  • TE Luke Benzschawel (right leg)
  • ILB Griffin Grady (right leg)
  • DE Kraig Howe (right leg)
  • ILB Mike Maskalunas (left leg)
  • RB Bradrick Shaw (left leg)

Out for season

  • OLB Mason Platter (right leg)
  • DE Garrett Rand (right leg)
  • DE Blake Smithback (right leg)

More on the depth chart

Defensively, Wisconsin lists redshirt sophomore Isaiahh Loudermilk as one of the starting defensive ends opposite Kayden Lyles. Redshirt freshman Matt Henningsen now is designated as a second-team end.

With both Maskalunas and Grady out, true freshman Jack Sanborn bumps up to a second-team inside linebacker opposite redshirt junior Chris Orr. Tyler Johnson is still listed as a second-team outside linebacker despite being questionable.

“[Sanborn] did do some really good things in camp, and I think Jack’s got a natural linebacker instinct to him,” Chryst said on Monday. “I think that he’s big enough and also sure enough in what he’s doing, not that he doesn’t have a lot to learn, but he’s sure enough that he can play physical.

“A lot of the times, it’s hard for any position to play physical when you’re hesitant, and so I think [inside linebackers coach Bob] Bostad has done a nice job of working with him and the other players so that he’s got a good understanding of what we’re doing. I think he trusts his talents and that linebacker instinct, so it does provide opportunity for Jack. You always hate it at the expense of someone else, but [Grady’s injury] wasn’t as bad as we thought it was, which is always good and he’ll be back, but it is a good opportunity for Jack.”

Redshirt sophomores Seth Currens and Eric Burrell are still listed as the second-team safeties.