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Wisconsin offensive line graces cover of Sports Illustrated

No room for anyone else.

What a beautiful sight. Unless you’re the one they’re standing over.

It’s 2018, and the Wisconsin Badgers are edging out media powers like Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, and Illinois (joking) as the best way to sell magazines in the Midwest. This is certainly one of many signs that Paul Chryst is meeting and exceeding every expectation placed on his sweatshirt drawer.

And then you see SI calling Wisconsin’s offensive line the best in the country and even projecting Wisconsin third with a match-up against Alabama in the College Football Playoff semifinals. That’s got to be humbling and nerve-inducing. This offensive line, and the rest of the offense, is bringing more and more power, and the world keeps bringing more and more pressure.

As a side note, some professional quality analysis of the cover photo shows that each lineman has a unique understanding of the word “smile.”

Some other notable SI covers featuring the Badgers are:

If you venture out of the Midwest (not advised), you will see Arizona, Houston, and Clemson featured in their respective SI college football season preview covers.

To learn more about why this offensive line is going to be special, check out Owen Riese’s preview for that unit.