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Traffic, other information Wisconsin fans should know for season opener

Useful info from UW about what to expect on Friday.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Wisconsin Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

It is now the eve of the college football season for the No. 4 Wisconsin Badgers. With this game being played on a Friday night, as well as the Madison itself dealing with some flooding and other issues recently, Wisconsin released some information earlier this week to help fans navigate through the city to optimize their experience.

Here are some helpful tips to get through to the UW-Madison campus area on Friday, when Wisconsin kicks off its 2018 season:

  • With the recent rain storms recently, there has been some flooding around the isthmus area. Though it has calmed down relatively speaking, be sure to check out the city’s website for any updates on road closures.
  • On Monroe Street, a good idea is probably just to not try to take that route to the stadium, as a construction project that’s slated to go through the end of Wisconsin’s football season continues. The westbound traffic lanes on that street, heading away from the stadium, are closed from Regent Street all the way down to Odana Road (apparently getting my fix of Michael’s Frozen Custard prior to the game will be difficult). The eastbound lane will stay open. UW refers to this site for more information.
  • According to UW, 1 p.m. CT is the time those fans with football-parking permits can start parking and tailgating in the respective lots that they are assigned to “based on space availability. Fans with football-specific permits may be denied access to their assigned lots prior to 5 p.m.”
  • During the day of the game, Wisconsin noted there is some limited parking in particular university lots. Check out this link for more.

Wisconsin provided more in its press release on Sunday:

Shuttle Bus

• Consider riding the Bucky Shuttle running from Lots 60/76 and downtown ramps. Shuttle service begins at 6 p.m. and ends one hour after the conclusion of the game. (links to:

Accessible Parking

• A limited amount of accessible parking is available on a per‐game basis. For more information, please call the Wisconsin Athletic Ticket Office at (608) 262‐1440 or 1‐800‐GO‐BADGERS. (links to: