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Former Badgers showcase their skills during Wisconsin pro day

Observations from Wednesday’s pro day.

MADISON — Representatives from all 32 NFL teams found their way to the McClain Center on Wednesday as the Wisconsin Badgers held their annual pro day, allowing some now-former players the chance to showcase their skills in front of 65 personnel.

Linebacker Jack Cichy ran the 5-10-5 shuttle and 3-cone drills along with performing the vertical jump and position drills in his comeback from a torn right ACL suffered last August.

Others like defensive backs Nick Nelson, Natrell Jamerson, and Joe Ferguson fared well in particular drills, while outside linebacker Garret Dooley significantly improved his time in the 40-yard dash.

Take a look at the full results below, courtesy of Wisconsin.

2018 Wisconsin Pro Day Results

Player 40-Yard Dash 5-10-5 Shuttle 3-Cone Bench Press Vertical Jump Broad Jump 60-Yard Shuttle
Player 40-Yard Dash 5-10-5 Shuttle 3-Cone Bench Press Vertical Jump Broad Jump 60-Yard Shuttle
Jack Cichy N/A 4.19 6.88 N/A 33.5 N/A N/A
Garret Dooley 4.62 4.31 7 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Joe Ferguson 4.63 4.03 6.62 5 34.5 124.5 11.46
Lubern Figaro 4.42 4.09 6.89 14 36.5 123.5 11.51
Troy Fumagalli N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Rachid Ibrahim 4.63 4.25 7 19 37 114.5 11.96
Leon Jacobs N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Natrell Jamerson N/A 4.15 6.87 N/A 38 123 11.58
Alec James 4.75 4.39 7 26 32.5 119 N/A
Nick Nelson N/A 3.88 6.69 N/A 36.5 N/A N/A
Austin Ramesh 4.78 4.06 6.75 24 32 118.5 11.76
Conor Sheehy 5.13 4.25 7.31 21 32 108 N/A
Derrick Tindal 4.52 4.13 N/A N/A 37.5 121.5 N/A
Tony Gumina 4.89 4.45 7.27 24 30 110.5 N/A
Nick Jacobsen 5.17 4.64 7.57 22 27.5 104 N/A
Sam Mentkowski 4.41 4 6.76 3 35.5 120 N/A


  • Cichy: He ran a 4.19-second 20-yard shuttle, which would have placed him fourth among linebackers at the NFL Combine, with his 6.88-second three-cone drill placing him fifth in that group. Cichy certainly didn’t look like someone who was far away from being close to full-go after his ACL surgery seven months ago. If I were NFL personnel, I would be optimistic about Cichy’s ability to be ready by training camp at the latest.
  • Nelson: He ran the 5-10-5 (20-yard) shuttle in 3.88 seconds, which compared to NFL Combine numbers from other cornerbacks, would have been the best among that position group and the best time at the combine overall. It’s safe to say Nelson made himself some money over the past two weeks with his 4.52-second 40-yard dash in Indy. His 6.69-second three-cone drill on Wednesday would have placed him in fourth overall at his position group.
  • Jamerson: His 4.15-second 20-yard shuttle would have placed him tied for third in combine numbers with those at his position with Stanford’s Justin Reid, while his 38-inch vertical jump would have placed him seventh among safeties. The converted corner ran a 6.87-second three-cone drill, which would have placed him fifth among that position group. He also improved his broad jump number to 10’3.
  • Austin Ramesh: Yes, I, Jake Kocorowski, pro-fullback pundit, added this, but Owen can agree that Ramesh’s times were more than solid. His 4.06-second 20-yard shuttle and 6.75-second three-cone drill would have placed him first in both categories among ALL RUNNING BACKS who ran those drills at the NFL Combine. The 4.78-second 40-yard dash was not too shabby, either.


  • Dooley ran a 7.0-second three-cone drill that would have placed him fourth among designated edge rushers at the combine. He also significantly reduced his 40-yard dash time from 4.80 to 4.62 seconds.
  • Ferguson’s 4.03-second 20-yard shuttle would have tied him for first with Penn State’s Troy Apke among safeties at the Combine, with his 6.62-second three-cone drill third among safeties. His broad jump was the best of the day out of all pro day participants.
  • Former Badgers were in attendance as well, including running backs Corey Clement and Dare Ogunbowale, outside linebacker T.J. Watt, wide receivers Alex Erickson and Robert Wheelwright, and quarterback Bart Houston, who was throwing in front of personnel.
  • Former Wisconsin walk-on, team captain, and defensive backs coach Ben Strickland was also in attendance.
  • No, no Ted Thompson this year, folks, but we did get Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez hanging out on a bench press (he did not participate, unfortunately).
Jake Kocorowski