BREAKING NEWS: Badgers Send Second Head Coach in Nearly as Many Years to a Hasty Exit

Only two years and three months after defeating the #5 tigers and heralded heisman hopeful Leonard Fournette, creating the catalyst for head coach Les Miles' firing from LSU, Wisconsin has done it again.

Mark Richt is no longer the head coach at Miami.

Sources including InsideTheU and 247Sports reported that Richt had informed school officials on Sunday that he planned step away from the program and retire.

Richt made a statement shortly afterward which confirmed the news:

Dear Hurricane Family:

A few hours ago, I informed UM Director of Athletics Blake James that it is time for me to retire from coaching so I am stepping down as the Head Coach of UM Football. The decision came after a great deal of thought, discussions with my family, and prayer. This was my decision.

With this firing, UW has been instrumental in 2 major head coaches losing their jobs after a devastating loss to the program.

The question is, does that mean disrespect to Wisconsin?

In the LSU loss, the call for Les' job had been growing. But getting beat by Wisconsin, a team LSU had historically beaten even if in close games, was the final straw.

In the Miami game, it was a blowout loss which capped a poor outing and the 2nd straight loss to the Badgers.

In both cases, the loss was proclaimed "unacceptable" by fans and media that covered the team. The Miami loss I get, because the two programs were in similar places developmentally when they played.

In the LSU loss, it was a fan base saying, "We are better than you".

Either way, in the sports spectrum it feels better to be respected than to be liked. And with each of these victories, some loathing was exhibited, shown by the headhunt on those respective coaches. But some respect was imposed by this proud, North country, B1G Ten program.

As for this fan, I say here's to more respect.

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