All RISE...starting at QB for the Wisconsin Badgers in the Pinstripe Bowl...

Good question, but it better be the person who gives them the best chance at winning. Period. I saw a comment from Jeff Potrykus yesterday stating that Hornibrook had "...missed some time with concussions". Perhaps it was scheduled rest and it's not an issue. Regardless, the coaching staff needs to give this team the best chance to win. I don't care about Coan's redshirt.

So, what if AH isn't ready? I have usually been an AH supporter, and this isn't about bashing him, but the numbers speak for each of his returns from the concussion protocol he faded quickly and his performance hurt the team. Plus, he's had two concussion protocol-level injuries already this year...can he truly be healed?

I know there are a lot of people who think Coan's redshirt should be saved and I understand the perspective. I just don't agree. Others may say that burning Coan's redshirt is short-sighted. I get it, but it's not like there's no talent behind Coan. For those of you who argue that Vanden Boom should start, I say...REALLY? Tell that to all the kids busting their butts in practice and bowl prep for the last month. Nothing against Danny, but it's unlikely that he's better prepared than Coan to lead the team, at least for 12/27. But, for the sake of argument, if someone thinks that DVB gives them the same chance to win as Coan, then it doesn't matter if you burn Coan's redshirt, you still have 3 years of DVB's eligibility remaining. So, for the "DVB as starter crowd", which is it: DVB gives them the same chance to win (equally skilled, we keep one of them for another 3 years), or, JC is better than DVB but we're sitting him anyway (you're not trying your hardest to win the game)?

Some people will say that this is a meaningless throw-away game. Yes, it's not where we thought we'd be. I don't know about you, but as a competitor I never, ever, EVER wanted to end the season with a weak effort or a loss. It happens, but it should not be for lack of effort or failure to put your best team on the field. I doubt that the kids feel like it's a throw-away game. You want to feel good about how the season or your career closed, it reinforces messaging to recruits that 2018 was a blip, etc.

Start the players who give you best chance to will raise the confidence of the rest of the team, and if that means Jack Coan, the heck with the redshirt.

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