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It’s AXE WEEK: Giving thanks for Minnesota

2018 edition

Wisconsin v Minnesota Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Happy Thanksgiving, Badger Nation.

Like turkey and pumpkin pie and your weird uncle spouting bizarre conspiracy theories around the dinner table, giving thanks for our rivals to the west has become a bit of a tradition around here this time of year.

Here are the top 10 things in 2018 we give thanks for in that special place to the west.

10. Drew Hamm

Speaking of weird uncles, B5Q’s beloved Drew Hamm has taken up residency in Minnesota (at least until the heat dies down, one suspects). We fear Drew may have gone native, though, with his passionate, well-reasoned argument for why Minnesota beating Wisconsin might be good for the rivalry.

This is not Drew Hamm.

9. The Jimmy Butler Saga

B5Q is an NBA blog now and there’s nothing us blog boys love more than good, old-fashioned, intra-squad drama. Thanks, Wolves. Now we get to watch you be a more boring version of Portland.

8. The Bloody Marys at Kent Hrbek’s Place

Target Field is a legit top-10 ballpark and this glorious monstrosity is a delicious affront to God.

7. NCAA Volleyball Final Four

The Twin Cities host the NCAA Final Four this year and with a young, stacked roster, Wisconsin has a legitimate shot to make it there. Heck, with five top-10 teams, the Big Ten may just make the whole thing a Midwestern affair.

6. A Refreshed Men’s Hockey Rivalry

Men’s hockey is scuffling a bit right now, but with a recent victory over the Gophers and a stacked incoming 2019 class, expect the rivalry to start heating up.

5. This Guy

Look, things haven’t worked out super well for FLECK as Minnesota’s head coach. He’s 10–13 with the Gophers with just four Big Ten wins in two years.

Still, after the bland interchangeability of the Glen Masons and Tim Brewsters of the world (I actually wrote Glen Brewster and Tim Mason, which I debated even correcting) and the sheer likability of Jerry Kill, it’s nice to have someone so easily detestable as the coach of your rival.

At least he can cleanse himself in the purifying waters of Lake Minnetonka.

Indiana v Minnesota Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

4. Minnesota Talent Flowing East

Ryan Connelly, Sydney Hilley, basically 30 percent of the men’s basketball roster, Shaver/Steffen/Norby & co.—the list of Minnesotans taking their talents to Madison goes on and on. Thanks!

3. Minneapolis Night Life

Minneapolis is rad. Low-key and diverse, it’s Denver with less pretension and more Lutherans. Fun town with great restaurants and bars.

2. Minneapolis Day Drinking

See above. In the sunlight.

1. Fourteen Straight Axe Week Wins

This is evergreen.

Wisconsin v Minnesota Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images