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Bucky’s 5th Podcast, Ep. 44: Let’s talk about Wisconsin’s offense (Part 2)

A former Wisconsin tight end joins the show!

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Last week, we broke down the Wisconsin offense from what we at B5Q have seen. On Monday, former Wisconsin tight end and Walk-On This Way co-author Joel Nellis—who was coached by Paul Chryst in 2002 and 2005—joined the show with Jake and Owen to give his thoughts on what he’s seeing from the unit.

In just over a half-hour, we broke down:

  • How the offense broke out against Purdue in both the passing and rushing attacks.
  • From Joel’s perspective, overall feelings about the offensive unit through 11 games.
  • The potential importance of throwing to tight ends out of more than just 11 personnel.
  • Expectations for the quarterbacks in 2019.