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Bucky’s 5th Podcast, Ep. 39: Wisconsin-Illinois preview

Plus interviews with David Edwards and A.J. Taylor

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An abbreviated edition of the show, which was not at Bierock for this week, but here we go!!!

  • 0:00-7:25: We preview Illinois and what Lovie Smith’s squad has done on the field. A lot of not-so-great stats on paper but some that could give Wisconsin some worries.
  • 7:25-13:28: Right tackle David Edwards talks a hint about the Michigan loss and looks ahead to what he’ll see against Illinois on Saturday.
  • 13:28-18:40: We bust out some #B5Qrootin news, including who will be at Wisconsin this weekend.
  • 18:40-23:20: Wide receiver A.J. Taylor discusses the Michigan loss and what he sees out of the Illinois secondary.

Also just a couple other podcasts to call out. Scott Wisniewski and I still rock out the Kielbasa Kings Sports Extravaganza, which covers all Wisconsin sports. We talk about Alex Hornibrook and more during the show, along with NLCS talk if the Milwaukee Brewers can upend the Los Angeles Dodgers tonight and Saturday:

Earlier this week, the Wisconsin State Journal’s Jason Galloway had me on The Red Zone podcast to talk about the loss at Michigan and what’s ahead with Illinois. Great chat with the former B5Q contributor who’s now moved on to big things.

On Friday morning, I also joined “B.J. and the Bear” (B.J. DeGroot and Brian Butch) on 95.3 The Score up in the Fox Valley area to talk more Wisconsin football.