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Bucky’s 5th Podcast, Ep. 38: Wisconsin-Michigan preview with Bradie Ewing!

Another great episode LIVE from Bierock!

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We are joined live at Bierock with former Wisconsin and NFL fullback Bradie Ewing, as he provides great insights and memories on this week’s episode.

For those that don’t see the Soundcloud link on mobile devices, please click here.

Here’s the rundown:

  • 0:00-9:10: We welcome Bradie to the show while breaking down the solid offensive performance against Nebraska last Saturday.
  • 9:10-15:20: From Monday, Wisconsin safety D’Cota Dixon provides insight to what lies ahead at Michigan, along with talking about Eric Burrell, Rachad Wildgoose and more.
  • 15:20-29:54: We preview Michigan. The 5-1 Wolverines squad showcases a dynamic quarterback in Shea Patterson and an even greater defense that’s among the best in the nation. Bradie also gives his memories of playing in the Big House.
  • 29:54-34:02: Wisconsin right tackle David Edwards discusses Michigan’s stout front seven, including Chase Winovich and Rashan Gary, plus how the offense improved.
  • 34:02-End of Show: We catch up with Bradie about his life post-NFL, his memories at Wisconsin and the successful tradition of fullbacks at the program.