B1G Dominates Bowl Season With 7-M Record

7 Wins and Michigan. Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and hate on the Wolverines. Why? They screwed up our perfect B1G record. Worse, it was a meltdown from a 19-3 lead and driving to the opponent's 5 yard line that the RB tries to extend the ball , needlessly, and fumbles. That started the SEC team's comeback. Plus, Michigan is just fun to hate.

Even so, the B1G has dominated the bowl season and the positive attention is finally starting to roll in from the media. Well, at least it's coming from media not hired by ESPN who are former SEC stars, which is pretty much every color commentator on their payroll that's not Kirk herbstreit. And I still believe that Wisconsin would have been the correct choice to rep the B1G in the playoffs, particularly with a narrow and tainted win by OSU in the B1G Championship Game.

The best example so far of an article that pays UW its due comes from this piece by the Sporting News:

Notice the following quote from about midway through:

The Big Ten finished 3-1 against the SEC and ACC, with the Wisconsin victory against Miami in the Orange Bowl serving as a bigger bowl victory than you think. It's an affront to the College Football Playoff committee — not so much an "I told you so," but a reminder for next year that they left out one of the best teams from the best conference.

Have you seen a more flattering piece of journalism pointed at the Wisconsin football team?

Prove it.

GO B1G!!


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