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Wisconsin to practice in Milwaukee on Aug. 10

Plus, 105-man fall camp roster updates from Friday’s media day.

Jake Kocorowski

MADISON—It looks like the Wisconsin Badgers will be able to get away from Camp Randall Stadium for just a bit.

Head coach Paul Chryst announced on Friday during his media day press conference that the Badgers would travel to Milwaukee for a practice before taking in a Milwaukee Brewers game.

“I think that’ll be good for our players to get away from Madison for a second, come together, and also perform out of the conventional Camp Randall or the grass field or the indoor facility,” Chryst said.

A UW official confirmed the practice will be at Custer Stadium on Aug. 10. That lies smack dab near the middle of Wisconsin’s fall camp practice schedule, the 12th session noted on the list released to reporters.

“We were trying to figure out how can you with a purpose and a reason, what are different ways you can break up training camp,” Chryst said. “I’ve always felt it would be great for Wisconsin to go to Milwaukee because you appreciate all the fans from Milwaukee who come here all the time and for us to go and I think it’s good for our players to have to go practice on a field that they’re not used to.

“It’ll be open to the public so people will be there, and I thought it’d be a good day for us. Then to be able to tie something that’ll be kind of a fun experience for our players, go to the Brewer game, thought it’d be a good day. Obviously I bounced those things off of coach Alvarez, and he was supportive and so I think our kids are excited about it.”

Four players not on 105-man roster

True freshman cornerback Faion Hicks, redshirt freshman Mason Stokke, and redshirt juniors Jacob Maxwell and Jeremy Patterson were not listed on the 105-man roster handed out by Wisconsin on Friday.

A UW official confirmed to B5Q on Friday afternoon that Hicks and Maxwell are not on the roster due to injuries. Hicks injured what appeared to be his shoulder during spring practices.

Maxwell could have been in the mix at right tackle heading into fall camp. Multiple reports stated on Friday evening that the Badgers will use redshirt junior Michael Deiter at left tackle with David Edwards swinging back over to right tackle.

Patterson is not on the roster, but the UW official did note he is still with the program. B5Q will follow up about Stokke’s official status, but the redshirt freshman did have a setback with his knee, Chryst said.

Observations from media day

  • Outside linebacker Leon Jacobs looks the part, and then some. He told B5Q he squatted 655 pounds, but not the 675 pounds shown in a picture posted last week. Still mighty impressive.
Jake Kocorowski
  • To be fair, talking with a bunch of players, it seemed like the summer conditioning program was extremely productive. Look for an article down the line about the summer conditioning gains made by the team.