A note about recent comments spam

Hey everyone, you've probably noticed an increase in the number of spam comments on B5Q posts these past few weeks. I wanted to post something here to let you know that we're aware of the issue and apologize that it's gotten this bad. The influx is likely due to the surge in search traffic we've received since March Madness started up. SB Nation's support team is working on a longer-term solution, but in the short term us B5Q editors are doing more frequent sweeps to filter out those spam comments.

One thing that's hugely helpful: please continue flagging spam comments as you see them. I've bookmarked the page where those go, and I'm making a point to make that something I check multiple times throughout the day. You've been great at this so far, and it makes the spam much easier to moderate.

TL;dr Thanks for hanging with us as we figure this spam issue out, and continue to flag anything you see!

On Wisconsin.


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