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Former Wisconsin Badgers work out for scouts at pro day

The Badgers hosted their pro day on Wednesday. Here’s how they fared.

Vince Biegel talks with Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebackers coach Joey Porter.
Vince Biegel talks with Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebackers coach Joey Porter.
Jake Kocorowski

MADISON — In front of 65 NFL executives, coaches and scouts representing all 32 teams, 12 Wisconsin Badgers participated in the program’s annual pro day at the McClain Center on Wednesday.

Offensive tackle Ryan Ramczyk, likely the first Badger drafted in next month’s draft, was the lone player that didn’t work out, just as he didn’t at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis earlier this month. Ramczyk underwent hip surgery after Wisconsin’s Cotton Bowl win.

Linebacker T.J. Watt also didn’t participate in any testing, choosing to only do some positional drills for NFL coaches. Watt had a very impressive combine, good enough to not have to try to improve any numbers on Wednesday. Full testing results are listed in the table at the bottom of this article.

Linebacker Vince Biegel was another high-profile prospect only participating in a limited number of drills. Biegel did the 20-yard short shuttle (5-10-5) and the 60-yard shuttle cone. He ran a very impressive short shuttle (4.13) that would have been the third-best among linebackers at the combine behind Michigan’s Ben Gedeon and his Watt.

Watt and Biegel were put through drills by Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebackers coach Joey Porter, Carolina Panthers linebackers coach Al Holcomb and New York Jets outside linebackers coach Kevin Greene. Both looked fluid in drills and did well overall on Wednesday.

The other Badgers who worked out at the combine worked out in Madison as well, on a limited basis.

Running back Corey Clement did every drill but the bench press. He looked good in drills and improved his 40-yard dash time by .14 seconds from the combine, up to 4.54. He also performed a better vertical jump, increasing it by 3.5 inches up to a 32 inches.

Fellow runner Dare Ogunbowale also performed on a limited basis. He did all of the field work, ran the 40 and the 20-yard short shuttle. Ogunbowale upped his 40 from the combine by .07 seconds (4.58) and ran a 4.22 shuttle, .12 seconds better than in Indy.

Cornerback Sojourn Shelton did more than the backs, but still was limited. Shelton shaved .01 seconds off his 40, getting it down to 4.50. He also took .14 off of his three-cone drill, improving it to 6.78 seconds. Shelton performed well on Wednesday.

The rest of the seniors in the program worked out at pro day, which included notable days from safety Leo Musso and wide receiver Robert Wheelwright.

Musso ran a 4.57 40, had a 40.5” vertical jump (which is good when you’re generously 5’8), 10’8 broad jump, 4.09 20-yard shuttle and 6.56 three-cone. He also put up 15 reps on the bench.

Wheelwright ran a 4.54, had a 38” vertical jump, 10’8.5” broad jump, 4.11 short shuttle, and 6.68 three-cone. He, too, put up 15 reps on the bench.

Robert Wheelwright
Robert Wheelwright
Jake Kocorowski

Bart Houston threw to all of the receivers, displaying his cannon of a right arm. Houston ran a 5.15 40, had a 29” vertical, 8’10.5” broad jump and 4.43 short shuttle.

Tight end Eric Steffes also worked out and ran a 5.05, had a 25” vertical and 8’5.5” broad jump. Steffes is a blocking tight end who isn’t known for his athleticism. He put up 14 reps on the bench.

Defensive back Serge Trezy also worked out and was pretty impressive. He ran a 4.51 40 with a 40.5” vertical jump, 10’3” broad jump, 4.32 short shuttle and a seven-second three-cone with 18 reps on the bench.

Longsnapper Connor Udelhoven also worked out.

Official 2017 Wisconsin Pro Day Results

Player 40-Yard Dash 10-Yard Split Three-Cone 20-Yard Shuttle 60-Yard Shuttle Bench Press Broad Jump Vertical Jump
Player 40-Yard Dash 10-Yard Split Three-Cone 20-Yard Shuttle 60-Yard Shuttle Bench Press Broad Jump Vertical Jump
Sojourn Shelton 4.5 1.49 6.78 NA 11.04 DNP 124.5" DNP
Vince Biegel DNP DNP DNP 4.15 11.36 DNP DNP DNP
Corey Clement 4.54 1.58 6.7 4.19 11.16 NA 120" 32"
Dare Ogunbowale 4.58 1.58 DNP 4.22 DNP DNP DNP DNP
Eric Steffes 5.05 1.71 DNP 4.5 DNP 14 101.5" 25"
Bart Houston 5.15 1.77 6.92 4.43 11.99 DNP 106.5" 29"
Serge Trezy 4.51 1.52 7 4.32 11.69 16 123" 40.5"
Connor Udelhoven 5.49 1.82 7.46 4.56 12.8 18 96" 26"
Robert Wheelwright 4.54 1.57 6.68 4.11 11.14 15 10'8.5" 38"
Leo Musso 4.57 1.52 6.56 4.09 11.05 15 128.0" 40.5"
All numbers listed as provided by Wisconsin.