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Wisconsin NT Olive Sagapolu displays impressive athleticism during dance routine, may be superhuman

The 340-pound lineman continues to show off his dynamic skills during a men’s basketball timeout routine.

During Sunday’s disappointing 66-59 loss to Northwestern in men’s basketball, Wisconsin Badgers football players once again joined UW’s dance team for a timeout routine.

A couple of points from a football perspective here. First, good to see inside linebacker Chris Orr (knee) and kicker Rafael Gaglianone (back) on the court and doing physical activity after their season-ending injuries.

Perhaps lost in the stinging defeat on the court, however, was the athleticism displayed by sophomore nose tackle Olive Sagapolu in that same routine.

At about 1:30 into the YouTube clip seen above, the players jump and attempt to perform some sort of split or toe touch (or both?) in the process. Sagapolu’s not seen in focus in the video, but the pictures below from Wisconsin’s official Twitter account on Monday identify the California native as pulling off an impressive leaping toe touch.

Wisconsin listed Sagapolu at 6’2 and 340 pounds during the 2016 football season. The amount of air he has underneath is admirable, and he seemingly appears to be performing the task easily.

Want more proof of his athleticism? Here’s Exhibit No. 2:


Now, this isn’t the first time Sagapolu’s shown off his crazy flexibility/athleticism/near superhuman powers. Though it’s not on Instagram anymore, he performed a standing backflip seen right after National Signing Day 2015.

The soon-to-be junior, who played in only nine of 14 games last season due to a broken right hand, should continue to anchor the middle of Wisconsin’s defense for the next couple of seasons. Sagapolu also found at least one more admirer in another beloved Badgers standout, current Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Beau Allen.