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Video: Meet Wisconsin’s mid-year enrollees

Get to know the recruits who might have the best chances at playing early for the Badgers.

Izayah Green-May
Izayah Green-May
Student Sports

MADISON — Seven mid-year enrollees spoke to the media for the first time as Wisconsin Badgers inside the McClain Center on Wednesday.

That included three offensive players—quarterback Jack Coan, wide receiver Deron Harrell and guard/center Kayden Lyles—and four defensive players—cornerbacks Faion Hicks and Madison Cone, plus outside linebackers Andrew Van Ginkel and Izayah Green-May.

Check out B5Q’s videos below to hear insights into why each chose Wisconsin and who from this class they’re excited for.

Quarterback Jack Coan

Cornerback Madison Cone

Outside linebacker Izayah Green-May

Wide receiver Deron Harrell

Cornerback Faion Hicks

Guard/Center Kayden Lyles

Outside linebacker Andrew Van Ginkel