The Points That Almost No Analyst Has Thought Of

It could be argued that the Badgers 1 loss was a better one than Bama's and that their "complete body of work" was better as well.

Detroit news was one of the few that posted a great article and a single comment about this, but a little late:

They were left on the outside looking in despite having the same amount of losses as the four teams — Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma and Georgia — that made the playoffs. In fact, the Badgers arguably had the best loss of any of those teams, but were still passed over.

This year should Have Been the Badger's Shot. Wisconsin is a solid, physical team that played the Buckeyes toe to toe through 4 quarters and pushed the game to the last moment. Seriously, if a PI gets called on that late game play, the badgers set up shop in the red zone and become the B1G rep in the playoff.

Can’t blame tOSU for playing their hearts out to win but the refs kind of shot the conference in the foot right there. And added insult to injury with a fake holding call on top of it!

Let's be honest, the conference would have been better off with more than one B1G team as a playoff contender. And we now know that the only possible contender on the field at kickoff in the B1G Championship Game was Wisconsin.

4 - 0 in bowl games and a cotton bowl blowout show that the B1G are head and shoulders above any other conference in the nation.

If Penn State wins and Wisconsin bests Miami by any more than 2 TDs, there should be serious discussion about the fact that they were probably more deserving of a playoff spot than either tOSU or Bama. This in light of the fact that they were jobbed by the refs in the last minute of the B1G conference game make that almost a moot point. We can see what the Bucks did to USC. Meanwhile Bucky Badger matched Urban Mayer's team in terms of physicality and speed.

Maybe the Jim Delaney will remind the refs about this next time the Badgers are the undefeated challenger in the B1G Championship against a 2 loss team that has no chance of going to the playoffs.



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