Significance of Badgers Beating Indiana

This from the ESPN website on Wisconsin's 45 - 17 statement win at Indiana:

What it means: The Badgers still have plenty of work to do. If Wisconsin is going to leave no doubt in the committee’s mind that it’s as good as its undefeated record indicates, it has to win with style – not struggle for three quarters before finally silencing an IU team that’s winless in Big Ten play. Committee chair Kirby Hocutt said on Tuesday that Wisconsin’s strength of schedule "just isn’t there," and it’s unlikely anything Wisconsin did against the Hoosiers on Saturday will change that.

My Reaction: What kind of dumb is this? This is a larger margin of victory than either Michigan or Ohio State could muster. It was within a field goal of the kind of win Penn State got against Indiana AT HOME. I am triggered:

Heather, if you wrote this trash, WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING?

The Badgers completed DOMINATED the Hoosiers enroute to a 45 - 17 win, complete with style points and you say that's NOT ENOUGH?

The B1G WEST is MUCH BETTER THAN ANYONE IMAGINES and the fact that IOWA is manhandling the media darling big ten east's no. 1 team, Ohio State, is sweet and delicious retribution for your doubting of our B1G corn fed, down in the trench dominating, hard playing, midwest warriors.

Wisconsin has done what is deserved to be a TOP 4 team. That is, only winning EVERY SINGLE GAME and, screw "style points." Because when the last whistle blows they win by DOUBLE DIGITS every time.

So when, after they've risen to the top 4 only to be pushed back down in the 1st week of the college playoff standings, told they need style points. They come out and answer with a 45-17 statement game on the road against an Indiana that has been within a TD of winning EVERY GAME except one and you say that's "not enough?!?!"

I say wake up.

I realize now that I am more upset at the Committee chair Kirby Hocutt than I am at the author of the article.

I'm still upset:

Analyst on the Ohio State game saying how "Wisconsin needs a strong Ohio State."

Does he realize that the SAME IOWA that is kicking OSU's tail today plays Wisconsin NEXT WEEK. We will have every chance to prove what kind of team we are then by beating the team that just beat the Number 1 Team in the East!

Forget the East. I'd rather the B1G got left out of the playoff than to see one of them in this year. And that's not like me. I'm a B1G defender thru and thru but I'm just sick of the disrespect. I'm sick of the bias.

Am I overreacting?

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