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Here are the best signs from College GameDay in Madison

Nicely done, Badgers.

Before the Wisconsin Badgers hosted the Michigan Wolverines inside Camp Randall Stadium on Saturday, college football’s best pregame show made its way to Madison.

ESPN College GameDay was live once again from Bascom Hill for the second consecutive year, and with the tradition set forth, many fans came out to the television extravaganza with signs a blazing.

Here are a few of the many signs in attendance that stood out to GameDay’s Twitter account and a few others.

Due to my love of Stranger Things, this is the winner. #sorrynotsorry

Instant Office rec right here. Hate it when people skip lines on Pretzel Day.

How can’t you love a Space Jam reference?


Hey, I lived in Florida for four years. I completely understand this, as I cannot get used to Wisconsin winters.

I feel ya, but the press box food is so much better.