Odd basketball schedule

Big 10 season starts in early December with 2 games. Odd, but no big deal. Probably brought on by the conference tournament being played a week early in Madison Square Garden. (don't get me started on that one)

Here's where it gets weird. After a Saturday December 30th game, the Badgers don't play on Saturday the rest of the regular season. But they will play on Friday night 3 times in January. Then they also have a bunch of Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday games.

Michigan St. has 2 Friday games but gets a bunch of Saturday games which feels like a college basketball day.

League darling Indiana gets 3 Saturday dates during league play, 3 Fridays and a few Sundays.

I like my Friday nights to go to local HS games and other things. I really dislike that I'm going to be 'forced' to stay home Friday nights to watch the Badgers. The Badgers get slighted a lot nationally and even by their own conference. We are the premier team in the Big1G now. No program has had the success the Badgers have had in the league for a half a decade now. It's time they're treated as such.

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