Unless the Badgers completely implode, the "Hornibrook Paradox" will keep Jack Coan off the field this season

Alex Hornibrook threw 3 interceptions today, tripling his usual performance of just one.

The Badgers still won 38-14, but can you imagine how much they would have won by if they had limited their turnovers?

Granted, Jonathan Taylor also fumbled once. But Hornibrook pass-fumbled three times.

The problem is, even if the Badgers wanted to make a quarterback change, it's too late now.

Paul Chryst will not put Coan in to start next week against Michigan. And why would he? Giving a true freshman his first start against a defense as good as Michigan's rarely goes well.

It would be unfair to Coan to have to shoulder that burden.

The problem is that Coan has virtually no experience. He has thrown only 3 passes this year, and while he has completed each of them, that is too small of a sample size with which to judge how he would fare in game action, much less against Michigan's defense.

Coan didn't get enough experience this season to enter into Paul Chryst's consideration to be a starter due to what I'm calling the Hornibrook Paradox. It goes something like this:

Wisconsin is a dominant and skilled enough team with a soft enough schedule that their offense should have been able to create some legitimate garbage-time opportunities for their backup quarterback. The problem is that Hornibrook's subpar play has prevented these opportunities from manifesting themselves.

The Hornibrook Paradox is aided in no small part by the defense, which has been nothing short of masterful at limiting the effects of Wisconsin's turnovers so far this season.

Hornibrook has still managed to be one of the best quarterbacks in the country, at least if you believe in pass efficiency. But he now has 9 interceptions this season. Is that a lot? Anyone? Bueller?

So unless Hornibrook throws something like 5 interceptions, and the Badgers go down by something like 20 points, you will not see Coan this season. And that, my friends, is the real Hornibrook Paradox.

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