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Decommitment: A Fan’s Guide

A comprehensive guide to handling a recruit’s decommitment.

Wisconsin v BYU

Last week, four-star guard Tyler Herro reopened his recruitment after having been verbally committed to Wisconsin for over a year.

As was the case when four-star running back Antonio Williams decommitted back in 2015, the Twitter reaction from the Wisconsin “fan” community was ... disappointing.

Given the surprisingly high portion of the “fan” base who needs assistance in handling the emotional strain of a high-profile recruit’s decommitment from Wisconsin, we here at B5Q have created the following handy Fan’s Guide to Decommitment:

A Fan’s Guide to Decommitment

Please feel free to print it, laminate it, and keep inside a wallet next to your photo of mom. Let it comfort you the next time a 17 or 18-year-old kid decides he wants to go someplace else for college.