The Incessant Call for Realignment and its Prevalence to Wisconsin Badger Football

After visiting a few SB Nation sites on the East side of the Big Ten, it became obvious to me that the Badgers recent football success is being undermined by a consistent and relentless reminder that "they haven’t played anybody". Never mind the fact that last year the Badgers played Michigan State, Michigan, Ohio State, LSU and Nebraska when they were all ranked in the top 10.

Still, the notion that the West is the weaker of the divisions is not new and looking around the conference it’s a fair argument. The Big Ten East has four programs that have been consistently relevant the past 15-20 years, while the West has maybe two if you want to count Iowa or Nebraska as .5 each? This 2017 season has especially illustrated the inequality, as those four teams in the West are in the midst of cannibalizing each other while the West has Wisconsin sitting at 7-0 and then a bunch of 4-3, 3-4 mediocrity.

Football success is cyclical, so I believe it does very little to realign right now, as Minnesota and Purdue seem to be on the upswing, but it is difficult to see the big four in the East faltering anytime soon. I hated the legends and leaders as much as anyone but if I am a fan of Maryland, Indiana or, god forbid, Rutgers, I find very little excitement in the current structure.

I want to hear from you all. What do you say when people point to the large disparity in the divisions? Is Realignment imminent? Obviously the disparity has benefited us as Badger fans but try to think like a fan of another team.

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