Meetup at Lambeau field


I am posting this on behalf of Badgrbabe. For those of you that are newer to B5Q she was a regular poster on here with hot takes such as "Wisconsin will become the first #1 seed to lose in the first round of the tourney" and "Wisconsin will not make a bowl game this year". Actually the bowl game comment was an annual tradition. Anyway, here is a message from her about meeting up at Lambeau. Hi Everyone, It’s Badgrbabe here.. lol! Remember me? I am taking my annual "big" athletic football outing again this year and will be rooting our Badgers on from Lambeau Field. I would love the opportunity to meet with B5Q responders that have stomached me throughout the years. Although banned… I still routinely read B5Q and wish I could respond. I travel with the Wisconsin Alumni Association (my mother and I are both alumni of Madison) and will attend the "Bucky’s Block Party" from 3:30-late on Friday and College Gameday followed by the Badger bash and game on Saturday. If anyone would like to meet just find the Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA) signs and you will find me. If you have other ideas on location and time… post here, I have almost one banned year worth of comments we could discuss.. hahahaha.. GO BADGERS!!!