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Wisconsin football: Badgers, Under Armour unveil new uniforms

Finally, we’ve seen the new wrinkles Under Armour is bringing to Wisconsin’s uniforms.

Three weeks after Wisconsin’s contract with Under Armour officially started, Badgers fans got their first look at the football team’s new look Thursday evening.

UW showcased more “New Red Threads,” the moniker they’ve been promoting for their football uniforms for the upcoming 2016 season. Under Armour showcased the jerseys at an event in New York City.

The uniforms appear similar to Wisconsin’s previous look with its former apparel provider, Adidas. Honestly, this was the expectation, as many realized there wouldn’t be much modification from the brand Wisconsin has developed over the years. Yet, there are some slight differences:

  • The font of the jersey numbers appears slightly modified.
  • Instead of Adidas’s logo above the front numbers, the “Motion W” adorns the top half of the jersey.
  • The “arrows on the jersey, pants, helmet reflect the idea of being ‘Forever Forward’ inspired by our state motto: Forward,” as the Badgers said on Twitter.
  • On the pants, Under Armour’s logo replaces Adidas’s.

With 44 days left until the season opener vs. LSU at Lambeau Field and less than a week until Big Ten media days, Wisconsin fans just got another taste to whet their appetites for the return of college football. The new jerseys are also available for sale at the UW Bookstore: