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Russell Wilson delivers commencement address, proceeds to JUMP AROUND

Russell Wilson created a few more Camp Randall memories.

To the surprise of no one, Russell Wilson delivered a perfect commencement speech in addressing the graduating class of 2016. It was ripe with powerful words and strong messages, but also had more than a few laughs mixed in as well.

Wilson preached the importance of surrounding yourself with good people, never giving up, being able to respond when life doesn't go your way and various other things that every college student should hear before going into the world. It was an excellent speech, and is well worth watching in its entirety (yes, all 18 minutes of it).

When Wilson initially took the microphone, he remarked how he'd been in the Camp Randall end zone many times, but never in a uniform quite like the one he was wearing. He went on to say that he was just waiting for Jump Around to start playing throughout the stadium. Well, sure enough, about three quarters of the way through the ceremony...

Congratulations, class of 2016!