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NFL draft 2016: San Diego Chargers select FB Derek Watt in sixth round, 198th pick overall

Melvin Gordon gets an old friend on the roster.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Between injury, fumbles, and a subpar offensive line, Melvin Gordon did not have the rookie season that he wanted. But on Saturday, the Chargers went back to Wisconsin and selected an old friend to help the blocking situation when they selected fullback Derek Watt in the 6th round.

For the Chargers, Watt possibly slots in as an H-Back as the Chargers tended to run multiple tight end sets, as he has underutilized but quality hands, and runs good routes. He also provides a more fluid athleticism than the average lead blocking fullback. He'll find a defender and he will absolutely put a body on him. For a team that needs blocking help like San Diego? There seems like a potential for playing time for Watt in San Diego even beyond his special teams ability.

Watt joins linebacker Joe Schobert as Badgers selected on Day 3 of the NFL draft. The Badgers still have several draft prospects potentially selected in the final two rounds.